Bee Cave Pediatrics

After Hoursexpectant parentsWe know that having a baby is one of the most joyful experiences of your life and we look forward to helping you raise your child into a healthy and happy adult.

Please schedule a complimentary prenatal visit which will provide expectant parents with an opportunity to meet and interview one of our physicians and our staff. During this visit, you will tour our office, get a sense of our practice philosophy, and see how the office runs.

What to expect in the hospital:

The on-call neonatologist, a newborn specialist, will see all of the newborns in the hospital. These physicians are on staff and are available for deliveries as well as to discharge newborns from the hospital.

Before discharge from the hospital the baby will also be tested for a number of metabolic disorders, required by the state of Texas. In addition to the Texas Newborn Metabolic Screening, there is also a Baylor supplemental newborn screen available. This supplemental screen is more extensive and tests for more disorders than the texas newborn metabolic screening. To purchase a test kit or for more information, call 1-800-4Baylor (1-800-422-9567) or order supplies through Baylor Health Care Systems.

In the hospital soon after birth, the newborn will receive an injection of Vitamin K to bolster the baby’s blood clotting system, and antibiotic ointment is applied to the newborn’s eyes to treat for any possible contamination during birth. Medication is also applied to the umbilical cord to facilitate drying. The hospital staff also offers the initial Hepatitis B vaccination, which we strongly recommend the baby receive.

When your child is born please call our office to schedule your newborn’s first appointment which is usually around three to seven days after birth. Also, please send in this form Expecting Mom Form